Our Friend at Start Confident

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Our Friend at Start Confident

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Cycling is truly amazing.  It allows us to smile, laugh, compete, stay fit, and the list could go on and on.  One of the major things that cycling has done for every member of our club is it has allowed us to meet great people.  The 2015 season will be the third for Headwind Cycling and we have had the opportunity to compete and meet great people from all walks of life.  Last season we met a great group of guys from Cincinnati on the Element Cycling Club.  At first we weren’t sure quite how to interact with the guys from Element.  They all rode these fancy Italian made Colnago bikes, they look about as pro as a team can look (outside of ours of course) so we were a bit intimidated.  Not to mention they were all very solid cyclists with podium representation starting at the first Spring race.  After a few weekends of racing and an invite to enjoy a post race beverage or two we all became friends.

Start Confident

One of the guys from Element that we really bonded with was Sam Lowe.  Sam always wanted to talk race tactics, race positioning, and he always approached the races with a heavy dose of analysis which we enjoyed.  We continued our relationship with the Element guys throughout the season even doing some pre-race recon rides together prior to the State Championships.  When the season ended we got an invite on our team Facebook Page from something called Start Confident.

Start Confident?  What is this?  After reviewing the site we found it had a plethora of awesome cycling content.  Come to find out a few days later that this project was started by Saw Lowe from the Element Cycling Team.  Sam’s goal with Start Confident is to provide cyclists with the information needed to get into and be competitive in racing.  The Start Confident site includes information about what gear you will need for racing, nutrition for racing, testing different cycling data, and much more.  The site is one of the best resources we have found for cycle racing.  If you are thinking of getting into racing or if you are a racer you should jump over to Start Confident and start checking out the content that Sam is putting together.  It’s great to see our friend create such a great resource for cyclists.

Keep up the great work Sam and we can’t wait to see where you take Start Confident!