OSRS #1: Reily road race

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OSRS #1: Reily road race

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The Spring Classics came to Ohio this past weekend with the first race of the Ohio Spring Series at Reily. Wind, cold, and a few short, punchy climbs made for great racing, and the sun even made some brief appearances towards the end of the 44 miles of the Cat 5 race. A field of 40 riders set out under gray skies, and an early break of 3 riders including Mike got away for a 45 second lead on the first lap. They held off the main group for two laps, and on lap 3 were picked back up. The final lap saw a split of 20 riders including Neil break off and stay away until the finish. The group would split one more time in the crosswinds, with Neil hanging on in the second lead group.

The Cat 4/5 race was a quick one, with about 20 riders breaking off quickly and staying away for the remainder of the race. Steve was a part of this, and worked hard to sprint for a very solid 5th place.

Overall, a tough day but good results for Headwind.

Final Resuls:
Cat 5:
12th: Neil
19th: Mike
34th: Jason

Cat 4/5:
5th: Steve

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