Race Calendar

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Our team participates in events all across the Mid-West with most of our races taking place in Ohio.  If you view the most recent calendar of events you will see Road Races and Criteriums listed as the most popular race formats.  We participate in both forms but they are very different.  For those interested, we will break down the differences here.

Road Races:

Road race are the most popular cycling race format due to it’s the ease to set up an event and the popularity with most racers.  Race promoters love road races because they are very easy to schedule and complete.  Most road races in Ohio are held in small towns where traffic is minimal.  A standard road race will be held over rolling terrain and typically consists of laps to complete the course.  Our favorite road race in Ohio is the Zanesfield road race held in the spring each year just to the northwest of Marysville, Ohio.  The course starts with a large hill and then a few rolling hills, a very fast decent with each lap consisting of 10 miles.  Depending on the Category of the race the distance or number of completed laps would vary.  This format, terrain, and lap distance is very similar in most road races held in Ohio.  The larger Pro races typically have the same layout but do not consist of laps but are more of an A to B format setting up the next day of racing.

Criterium Races:

Criteriums are fast, fast, fast!  These races are typically timed races on a closed course in a populated area.  Criteriums are meant to be high speed, high intensity races where average speeds can sometimes be north of 22-25 MPH.  The cornering is very technical and can create a challenge with large numbers of racers in the group.  Our favorite Criterium is the Grandview Classic held in Grandview Heights, Ohio.  This event is held on a fast, 4 corner course in the heart of Grandview Heights.  Many businesses and local residents take advantage of this event and hold house parties or special events in their business or restaurant.  Because this race is a 4 corner race it’s a great way for spectators to take in the action and watch the racers around the course.  The Grandveiw Classic finishes with the highest level racers finishing the race under the lights.  If you haven’t seen a cycling race, this would be a great one for you to attend.