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Headwind Cycling

Want to learn more about the guys that make up Headwind Cycling?  You found the right place!  Our rider bio pages will give you a good idea of what got each member into cycling, why they love it as well as many other brief insights into their passion for cycle racing.  We aren’t pro’s but we sure do train like we are.  Many folks who have spent time with Mike after the races hear him say we are “Semi-pro, International, Cycle Racers”.  Is this true?  Some say yes.  Although we have never raced in international soil, we have raced against guys from other countries and we do have the luxury of having great sponsors that pay for race entry fees a few times a year.  We will let you be the judge on that statement but one thing about our team is absolutely true.  We love cycling, whether it’s racing, just cruising around on a bike, watching a race or learning about the sport, our guys have a deep passion for anything with two wheels and pedals.  We are very lucky to live in a community that supports cycling and a state that seems to be adding more and more races each year.

Click the links below to read about the members of our team.  If you see us out on a training ride, don’t be afraid to give us a waive or a thumbs up.  Have a few minutes?  Jump over to our Sponsors page and check out the fantastic companies that have provided support to our team.  Being supported by such great companies is something truly value.

Mike Buckner

Neil Wengerd

Dan Rapp

Dave Adams

Steve Quelette

Ean Hammond

Max Tomaszewski

Mike Cauley

Andy Weiland

Aaron Mowery

Jonas Maguire

Levi Gaswint

Mike Chandler

See you on the road!