Aaron Mowery

Aaron Mowery

1.  When did you start racing and why? 

As a young teenager, I was on the Valley View Swim Team and had to ride my bike in order to make practice. Every day I would ride the 8.3-mile loop, which started my love for cycling. My new passion quickly overshadowed swimming and I entered the junior racing league at 14. 20+ years later – I’m still hooked.

2.  What makes you love cycling so much? 

The open road and the sense of freedom cycling provides is unmet by any other passion or object. The mental clarity coupled with physical exhaustion following a ride pushes me to be a better rider and encourages me to get back in the saddle the next day.

3.  What different cycling disciplines do you participate?  Race or recreation? 

Currently I am a pavement pounder (road bike). Future interests include track, nightly sprint heats and cyclocross, but road racing is my main focus.

4.  What do you take in your jersey on long rides?  

My cell phone, cash, Clif shot-gels, Clif bar for solid substance, if needed.

5.  What piece of your cycling gear(clothing, wheels, anything) is your favorite? 

As an engineer, wheels are my favorite piece of equipment since they are the one component that helps you propel you as the pace increases.

6.  Which pro cyclist will you cheer for in the 2017 pro peloton?

After seeing Peter Sagan make his winning move at the World Championships in Richmond, Virginia, I have been a huge fan. The amount of power, skill and overall will to make it to the line first is impressive and inspiring.

7.  Which pro cyclist do you think your style is most like? 

I find my riding style to be most like Marcel Kittel. Every day can’t be a rock star day with sniper-like results, but when he is on – look out! He can propel himself two bike lengths ahead of all other sprinters at the line with his pure raw power. I mean c’mon… he even has a fast looking haircut!

8.  What do you eat after a long ride or race?

A protein shake, cold can of Coca-Cola Classic and Gatorade for fluids. When on the road, a Chipotle burrito refuels my system. When at home, I prefer a good mix of protein, carbs and green veggies.

9. What is your favorite race memory, what race was it and why do you remember it?

The most memorable race for me was the Cat 3 / 4 Deer Creek Road Race. The headwind was strong causing competitors to swerve in and out of lanes. Everyone appeared to be white knuckled for most of the race. I listened to my coach, waited for the opportunity to drop the hammer and earned 3rd Place at the line!

10. What advice do you give to your team member or a new team member? 

Biggest piece of advice I can offer is for the cyclist to have a plan. Know what you want to do and where you want to be at the end. Learn from your mistakes. And don’t follow the same wheel twice if opposing team is leading out.

11.  What are your 2017 goals?

Finish in top 10 as many times as possible, promote our sponsors, support the team s much as I can during the race.

12.  When you aren’t pedaling your bike what do you like to do?

College football. Nothing beats game day after a good ride recovering and relaxing with my wife and daughter. Concerts and drumming are other passions I explore during the off-season.