Ean Hammond

Ean Hammond

1. When did I start racing and why?

This is actually my first year racing believe it or not. I’ve always been a very competitive guy so it seemed like the natural choice to start racing. Plus I always want to get better on the bike so racing was that next step to do so.

2. What makes you love cycling so much?

Everything I enjoy in life goes hand in hand with cycling. Coffee, style, traveling, and the most important part of cycling the love of food.

3. What different cycling disciplines do you participate? Race or recreation?

I’ve just started mountain biking this year which has been thrilling and has helped with my bike handling skills

4. What do you take in your jersey on long rides?

Food! Lots and lots of food. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been out on training rides and have bonked really hard and haven’t had enough food.

5. What piece of your cycling gear is your favorite?

My rapha pro bibs. The fit and the chamious in the bibs makes it feel as though I’m sitting on a feather pillow.

6. Which pro cyclist will you cheer for this up coming season?

Michal Kwiatkowski. I just love his riding style and his punchiness when it comes to hills and attacking. The second rider would have to been Nairo Quintana I love his poker face when it comes to climbing even when he’s suffering it looks like he’s putting in no effort.

7. Which pro cyclist do you think your style is most like?

If I had to pick one rider it would probably be Vincenzo Nibali, or even though I wish it was more like Michal Kwiatkowski but I don’t weigh enough!

8. What do you eat after a long ride or race?

Honesty anything I can get my hands on.

9. What advice do you give to your team member or new team member?

Always race to win, never to just beat someone.

10. What are some goals this season?

Hopefully podium a race, and never forget to enjoy myself while riding

11. When you aren’t pedaling your bike what do you like to do?

Drink coffee and think about the next time I’m going to ride my bike. Kidding, kidding, I enjoy art, photography, binge watching my favorite television shows, and being out in nature.