Levi Gaswint

1.  When did you start racing and why? 

I started racing with Jonas back in 2014. I had just recovered from ACL reconstruction, and was looking to replace motocross racing with something safer.

2.  What makes you love cycling so much? 

It’s a lot like motocross in that, the most expensive bike in the world won’t make you faster, you can’t financially advantage yourself to a win. It’s all about the rider and how much work you put into it.

3.  What different cycling disciplines do you participate?  Race or recreation? 

I primarily road race, but take a yearly down hill mountain bike trip with my old moto friends and hit up Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park a few times a year.

4.  What do you take in your jersey on long rides?  

Maybe a banana if its going to be 3 or 4 hours. A vest if its spring or fall. I travel pretty light. I guess I’d consider myself a minimalist.

5.  What piece of your cycling gear(clothing, wheels, anything) is your favorite? 

I generally geek out over cycling kit. its all about how fast you look on the start line right?

6.  Which pro cyclist will you cheer for in the 2018 pro peloton?

Whoever is in the break. I always cheer for the break to stay away (#Believe). But more specifically Alex Howes, more for his personality than his riding. he seems like a goofy guy that would be fun to hang out with.

7.  Which pro cyclist do you think your style is most like? 

I do everything I can to imitate Wiggo. He, in my mind, was the perfect mating of body and machine. his position and style seemed so effortless.

8.  What do you eat after a long ride or race?

A couple pints and a big pub burger always seems to work its way into our post race routine wile traveling back up north.

9. What is your favorite race memory, what race was it and why do you remember it?

The 2016 Crit state championships. There was a crazy storm that blew in halfway thru and they had to stop the race. When they re-started, the course was wet and i thrive when conditions are bad. The race came down to a bike throw for all three spots on the podium. i ended up second behind Rob Lukart by an inch. It was just an action packed, and very close, state championship race.

10. What advice do you give to your team member or a new team member? 

Mike Buckner had a quote a few years back that summed it up perfectly. “It’s the adult softball league of cycling.” It has to be about racing hard, doing your best, and having a beer with everyone in the parking lot afterwards.

11.  What are your 2018 goals?

I’d like to just progress as far as i can as a rider and team mate. Whether that means I’m on top of the podium, or worked hard for a team mate to end up on top.

12.  When you aren’t pedaling your bike what do you like to do?

I like backpacking and riding dirt bikes with my dad in the off season.