Neil Wengerd

Neil Wengerd - Headwind Cycling on the front

1. When did you start racing and why? 

I started in 2012. I’ve always loved cycling, and after watching the Tour de France for a few years, the idea of competing appealed to me.

2. What makes you love cycling so much?  

I love the freedom that comes from riding a bike, and I love the exhaustion that comes after a hard ride and drains the stress of everyday life.

3. What different cycling disciplines do you participate?  Race or recreation? 

Since racing requires so much training, most of what I do is tied to racing in some way.

4. What do you take in your jersey on long rides?  

Spare tube and pump, multitool, banana, money, iPhone.

5. What piece of your cycling gear(clothing, wheels, anything) is your favorite? 

I love my Mavic Ksyrium SLR’s.

6. Which pro cyclist will you cheer for in the pro peloton?

Dan Craven.  I love Dan Craven. He doesn’t take anything to seriously, knows how to build a community, and decided to do the Olympic time trial on whim without any time-trial specific gear. He finished dead last, but I’d argue he was the most popular rider in the event. And, he has the best beard in the peloton

7. Which pro cyclist do you think your style is most like? 

People have said Tejay van Garderen. I like to think I have a race style like Phillipe Gilbert, as well.

8. What do you eat after a long ride or race?  

Fruit smoothie with protein powder, ham and cheese burrito, little can of Coke.

9. What is your favorite race memory, what race was it and why do you remember it?  

I’d have to say any of the OSRS finale stage races. Traveling with the team is blast, and having a weekend devoted entirely to racing and resting is a rare occasion.

10. What advice do you give to your team member or a new team member?   

It never get’s easier, it just gets faster.

11. What are your 2017 goals? 

Work hard, improve my sprinting, and rack up as many top 10 finishes as possible.

12. When you aren’t pedaling your bike what do you like to do?  

I love photography, design, and getting buried in a good book or magazine.