Team Training Rides

Headwind Cycling Team Training Rides

Headwind Cycling Team training rides head out every Saturday at 9:00 a.m. from Hoover Dam.  In the winter we typically ride if the roads are clear and the weather is above 30 degrees.  The route will be decided on when we meet and will be based on training objectives for the day. Rides will normally be 40+ miles.

In case of bad weather, check our Facebook page as we typically post updates for rides there.

The routes below are often the most popular for our team.  There are many possible routes to take when heading out of Westerville so please feel free to share new routes with us.  All are welcome on our team training rides.  We encourage people interested in joining the team, or anyone interested in learning more about racing to join us.  Our rides are typically 20+ mph and we try to work on race tactics such as, pace lines, echelons, attacks, pursuits, and lead outs.

If you are going to attend a ride please email us at [email protected] so we don’t start the ride with out you!

New Albany 38 miles
Galena 44 miles
Quick Redbank loop 28 miles
Hoover to Gambier 98 miles 
Seeds Road 51